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I write a regular column at The Calm Space about my experience as a creator and a mother.

Alone With the Sky. And Full of Joy. ~ The joy of wandering off into the desert

The Redemptive Power of Boring Polyester ~ How shopping for school uniforms revealed an underlying flaw in my understanding of expectations

One Thing ~ Making it my Practice to end multi-tasking and focus on the Now

A List to Remind Me ~ A list of the little things that bring happiness

What Freedom Looks Like ~ Surrendering to the constraints of Motherhood and finding peace

The Courage to Quit ~ Throwing in the towel on trying to be a “perfect” mom

The Words in Your Heart ~ A few questions to get you thinking on how to put your love for your family into words

Front and Center ~ Giving myself permission to know what I want and to make it happen

The Best I Can ~ On finding peace as a parent

Pain and Kindness ~ The story of how I found my purpose

How to Change ~ A reminder to myself about what I’ve learned on how I handle change so I can handle it with grace the next time it comes

An Infinite Loop ~ Thoughts on “mom as martyr” and “mom as saint”

The Gift of Returning ~ A birthday gift that keeps on giving

Confidence and Truth ~ Having the confidence to parent from my own truth

What I’m Becoming ~ Meditations on what I am becoming on my motherhood journey

Let it in ~ Choosing to feel all the feelings motherhood brings

Finding Blessings In The Ordinary ~ Shifting the lens on all the jobs of motherhood


Life By Me

Meaning in the little things



When You are Thirsty, You Must Go Back to the Well


Offbeat Mama

On Making the Choice to Connect Again and Again with My Kids


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