“We are hurting. And we are hoping. We are in the darkness. And we are striving for the light. In these precarious times we are living in, Miki’s words embrace us with fierce love and welcome us home. Home to the Truth of our collective humanity and our individual sovereignty. These poems are a blazing torch guiding us to the place we all long to return to – our own hearts.

A poet’s job is not to write words that rhyme or sound pretty. A poet’s job is to open up a passageway to healing, by speaking with power about the things that ail us, and with truth about how we can heal.

This book does not just open up that healing passageway. It flings the doors wide open.

Each poem opens the doors wider and wider, until there is no more room for the lies and deceptions that are at the root of the injustice, pain and fear we see in the world. Until the liberating light of truth can come flooding into our hearts unrestricted and do its healing work.

In this book, challenging subjects like racism, sexism, prejudice, motherhood, womanhood, family wounding and love are unapologetically laid out on the table for us all to see. Miki names the real things that society tells us to keep hidden in the dark. With vulnerable-courage, she offers up her stories and experiences as soul medicine, so that we too may learn how to name the real things in our lives.

So that we too, may heal.”

From the book jacket text written by Layla Saad, Wild Mystic Woman


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This book is about naming the things I couldn’t name before, and the freedom to say out loud what had to be kept silent for so many years — telling the truth about the shadows, and coming to know that underneath it all is love.

In these poems I tell my truth about growing up with an emotionally abusive father. These poems are the first place I was able to name what happened for what it was, and as I wrote, I came to know that I have broken the cycle.

In these poems I tell my truth about marriage. How it looks nothing like the movies. How I learned to ask for help. How I stopped looking to be rescued and learned to love the realness of it.

In these poems I tell my truth about the hard days of motherhood. All the weight of it. The quiet joy, the tender bursting love. The messy wonderful hope of it.

And these photographs were my mindfulness practice, looking for evidence of love and beauty even in the midst of the chaos.

In a very real way, the act of writing the words in this book changed me. I’d sit down to write feeling and knowing one thing about myself and my life, and get up from the page feeling and knowing something new. The process helped me discover new meaning for old events, new perspective on old patterns, balm for old hurts.

As you read these poems, I hope they help you name something you’ve felt but never been able to put into words. I hope they bring you comfort. I hope they bring you peace. I hope you know you are not alone.

Miki, oh my goodness Mama, I am so deeply in love with your book. Your poetry could seriously save a mom’s life and sanity. Thank you for writing it. ~ Sara E.

Miki’s poem captured that desperate feeling I experienced when I realized – over and over and over again – how hard parenting really is – especially for conscious parents. Thank you Miki, for the gift of this reflection – AND validation that we are not alone… ~ Tina G.

How deeply I value your courageous words! As mothers, we are terrified of what people would say, how we’d be persecuted if we told the raw truth about how hard parenting is. Your words spoke right to my soul. You make it ok. Thank you for your transparency. ~ Melissa A.

Your poem felt like true peace to me! Thank you for your bravery and talents!!! ~ Mikki G.


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