Just a Little While Longer


They are in our kitchen

Not doing anything special

A small quiet

Before they’re off again


He pours himself a bowl of Cheerios

From the big container

As tall as his head as it sits on the counter

And yet, how much he has grown

Since we first moved into this house


She sits at the table


Eating grapes

Head tilted

Ankles crossed

Lost in the land of wizards


Growing evermore into her womanhood.


Neither notices me staring


Neither knows I’m imaging

The day when they both have gone,

The table empty

And the house a different kind of quiet


Will it still be our house

Without the sound of their breath?


There is so much I’m still learning

So much I don’t yet know about them


And they shine

Sitting now at the table together

Breathing together

Under the same roof

For just a little while longer yet