I Want


I believe that we have been burnished in the fires of 2016 so that we can shine all the more brightly in 2017.

For many reasons, I have been separated from my Want.

No more.

Here is my prayer for 2017. Join me?

I want to know what I want
and claim it.
I want to make things
and make things happen.
I want to heal
and make whole.
I want to seal
and protect.
I want to roar
and disrupt
and stand up.

I want to break what needs to be broken,
rend what needs to be torn,
shatter what needs to be cracked.

I want to strengthen what needs to be supported,
defend what needs to be protected,
shelter what needs to grow.

I want my voice to be louder than fear,
my heart stronger than hate,
my magic bigger than ego.

I want to know that the future is not fixed.
I want to navigate by want.

I want to know that my individual actions matter as we shape our humanity.

I want you to know you are not alone.

I want to make art and magic and power and story.
I want to make things with my hands and heart and words.
I want to be made useful, powerful, graceful, and precise.

I want to make magic.
I want my words to make new the world.
I want to dwell in sovereignty.
I want peace that comes from knowing and growing and wielding my power.
I want to make things that make me feel alive.
I want to make and make and make.