Hidden In Our Hearts


We’ve weaponized our fear to hurt others.  


But what hides in our hearts 

and makes us so afraid 

that we’ve decided 

someone simply being themselves 

is a threat to our own selfhood?

Have we cut ourselves off 

from our humanity  

so fully 

that we mistake our fear for righteousness?


This is our great lie. 

Intellectualism is not armor.  

Isolation cannot protect us. 

Elitism is not redemptive. 

Nationalism will not save us.  

Fragility is not Grace. 

Phobia will not free us. 

Because once we crush



(and therefore dangerous), 

we won’t have anyone left to blame, 

and we’ll finally 

finally have to confront the lie 

sitting in our own hearts 

that tells us our pain is someone else’s fault. 


Our fear of ourselves 

is infinitely more dangerous 

than which bathroom 

or which water fountain 

a person uses.