• Stories about parenthood that foster change,
    turn us back toward each other,
    and remind us who we really are

You Belong to Us

As parents, we want our children to deeply feel, to know in every cell of their bodies, with every breath of theirView full post »

Who Am I Now That I Have Become A Mother?

I am tears in the middle of the night, forgotten lunch boxes, mismatched socks. I am arbiter, doctor, confidant, chef,View full post »

Being Photographed is an Act of Revolution

Being photographed is an act of revolution in a society systematically designed to erase women and children. We allView full post »

I Know What You Mean

When you tell your story, I know you. Your words land in my heart and I feel with you. When I tell you my story,View full post »

The whole directive

“I love them unconditionally. I’ll do anything for them. As simple as that may be, that’s the whole directiveView full post »

you’re never loved more

“It’s pretty amazing when your kids only want you, but then at the same time you’re like, ah they only want me.View full post »

a good middle ground

“The interesting thing to see is how your upbringing shapes the upbringing of your kids. And if there’s twoView full post »

tugged in different directions

“I’m an only child, so the lack of me time is a struggle, as selfish as that sounds. I have fifteen minutes inView full post »

Dual worlds

“I have the advantage of going to work. I tell some of my coworkers that don’t have kids, “You think thisView full post »

in awe of the miracle

“Everyday I look at them and think this is just the most incredible thing. Because we did the IVF and we saw theView full post »