• Stories about parenthood that foster change,
    turn us back toward each other,
    and remind us who we really are


I don’t feel much like writing today. The words in my head are quiet. Nothing asking to get out. I’ve been lettingView full post »

Our Stories Will Save Us

I believe our stories will save us.   Not the stories we tell that limit us. But the stories of our livedView full post »

Break The Silence

There is a Culture of Silence around parenting designed to make us feel like bad parents and bad people if weView full post »

You Belong to Us

As parents, we want our children to deeply feel, to know in every cell of their bodies, with every breath of theirView full post »

Who Am I Now That I Have Become A Mother?

I am tears in the middle of the night, forgotten lunch boxes, mismatched socks. I am arbiter, doctor, confidant, chef,View full post »

Being Photographed is an Act of Revolution

Being photographed is an act of revolution in a society systematically designed to erase women and children. We allView full post »

I Know What You Mean

When you tell your story, I know you. Your words land in my heart and I feel with you. When I tell you my story,View full post »

The whole directive

“I love them unconditionally. I’ll do anything for them. As simple as that may be, that’s the whole directiveView full post »

you’re never loved more

“It’s pretty amazing when your kids only want you, but then at the same time you’re like, ah they only want me.View full post »

a good middle ground

“The interesting thing to see is how your upbringing shapes the upbringing of your kids. And if there’s twoView full post »