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The World

Yesterday I saw a world of stories in the faces of my sleeping children before they woke.View full post »


Today the only thing my heart longs to say Is this: A prayer for this world– We all are so broken. We all are soView full post »


House quiet after a long holiday weekend full of family of birth and choice. Napping in a sunbeam on the couch. EyesView full post »


Stop putting my name on your bombs. You do not get to take my power and claim it for your own. No! Keep my name offView full post »

Love More

Love more fully. Let your love fill in all the cracks Like Japanese gold. Raise your heart To your lips and drink tillView full post »

Mother Love

I know the moment you met your child for the first time, you felt complete in a way you hadn’t known you wereView full post »

You Talk Too Much

You talk too much. It’s always my first thought when I meet someone new or when I’m in a class or when aView full post »

Where’s Miki?

I disappear when conflict comes. Not like Houdini (That would be more fun.) Instead I pack away tight Everything thatView full post »

Talking With My Son About God While Shopping for Legos at Walmart

He’s the quiet one. The one whose speech slows him down. So many words come out at once, sometimes the sense getsView full post »

Sleep Like A Baby

My mom told me once, ten yeas before I became a mother myself, that were I to ever have kids, to take aView full post »