• Stories about parenthood that foster change,
    turn us back toward each other,
    and remind us who we really are

The River That Shouldn’t Be There

When sitting on the banks of the river That used to flow regularly  But is now mostly dry Except on days likeView full post »

The Miracle

The Miracle There is no one else like you in this world.  Singular. Different. Lone.  No other story like yourView full post »

They Didn’t Count on Us

Though they try, With their deluge of bad  Real news, To knock us over, To drown us out, A flash flood sent ToView full post »

Meditations on Radical Ok-ness

Here’s one thing I know: However you are right now  is ok.  It’s ok to feel what you’reView full post »

Foundations of Love and Resistance

Because I have been abused I know how to stop cycles of abuse. Because I have been silenced I know how to make aView full post »

Why I March

Why I March To be  One among many Not alone Surrounded by the sheer numbers  Of our commitment  To resist ToView full post »


Yesterday was a tough one. But there was a moment of beauty at the end. A shift from shutting down to opening up. AView full post »


Waking up yesterday she says she had a dream she was Captain of a Starship. So real to her. Filled withView full post »

Parenthood is a spiritual journey. Not in the sense of it being a superior path. But in the sense that itView full post »

I Want

I believe that we have been burnished in the fires of 2016 so that we can shine all the more brightly inView full post »