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The First Book

I didn’t know it was there.  I wasn’t expecting it at all.  But I walked around the corner And there itView full post »


After eleven years Living in the desert, The land unlocked After a particularly Rainy winter, And the mountains AndView full post »


I’ve been thinking about the size and shape of me The way I take up space and move in the world.   And itView full post »


Seeing my son for the first time In over a week, He looks older He sounds older. He’s had ten days of lifeView full post »

surprised by this body

I never look at myself in the mirror.  My own femininity  Is something I’ve chosen not to see.    But theView full post »

Echoes of Myself

After he died I came across a collection of photographs of my father.  Before he died  I wouldn’t have been ableView full post »

I didn’t mean to become a poet

Poetry is my story  starting right in the middle of the feeling, Right in the middle of what matters most.  ItView full post »

Hidden In Our Hearts

We’ve weaponized our fear to hurt others.     But what hides in our hearts  and makes us soView full post »

Get Bigger

My heart is collapsing I can’t hold the weight any more Get bigger I feel alone  Isolated Get bigger IView full post »

The River That Shouldn’t Be There

When sitting on the banks of the river That used to flow regularly  But is now mostly dry Except on days likeView full post »