You Talk Too Much

You talk too much.
It’s always my first thought
when I meet someone new
or when I’m in a class
or when a dear friend calls.


You talk too much.
No one wants to hear you natter on.
Who do you think you are?


You talk too much.
In elementary school–
reseated and reseated.
Moved to the end of the row
next to the super shy kid.
And still I talked.
Too much.


You talk too much.
In high school English class
pulled aside one day
and asked to give the other students
a chance to talk.


You talk too much.
Good girls, good people
don’t talk so much.
I was never told outright
that my worth and my silence
were intertwined.
But I guess that’s what they meant.


You talk too much.
But I have so much to say.
I am not shy.
I know the answer.
I know my thoughts.
I know my mind.
I get so excited.
Words tumble out.
I can’t keep quiet.
I can’t help myself.


I talk too much.
And you know what?
I am Loud.


And you have to
deal with that.


And you know what?
My voice will change the world.