Why I March

Why I March

To be 

One among many

Not alone

Surrounded by the sheer numbers 

Of our commitment 

To resist

To chant

To sing

To cry

And hold hands with strangers

To add my small voice 

To our communal voice

To say

America is for everybody and every body

To say

This is what democracy looks like

To say 

Equality now

Justice now

Freedom now

Peace now

To say

I am white

But I stand opposed to whiteness

To say

I am for intersectionality

I am for all of us

To say

Our liberation happens together

Or it is not liberation

To say

Fight like a girl

To say

Love not hate makes America great

To say


To make friends

With the teacher standing next to me

And together


What we will do tomorrow

And tomorrow

And tomorrow

To make our lives an act of resistance 

To keep 

my promises 

to myself,

To go alone if I have to,

To be afraid

And act any way,

To do the things 

I say I believe