Welcome Home

Welcome home
The parts of yourself
You hide
In the drawers of your heart
And label as junk.
There are golden keys hiding
Right next to the paper clips.
Welcome home
The pain of the past,
Shame and Shadow.
Light a fire in the hearth,
Fluff the pillows,
And tuck it all safely
Into clean sheets.
Sing it a lullaby
Soft and low
Soft and low
Soft and low.
Let it know
It is home.
The fight is over.
Welcome home
The doubt
That your work
Won’t change the world fast enough.
You are the fingerprint of the divine.
Open the door.
Set your voice free.
Welcome home
All the ways you shine
When you think no one is looking.
It is time.
Let your light know
It is welcome in your home.
Welcome home
Your fear of the other.
Turn on the porch light
And give it a name.
No longer the dangerous stranger
When you’ve been properly introduced.
Welcome home
All the parts of you
You’ve left behind
In order to belong.
Welcome home