They Didn’t Count on Us


Though they try,

With their deluge of bad 

Real news,

To knock us over,

To drown us out,

A flash flood sent

To wipe our feet out from under us

And rip out our roots,

They didn’t count on us. 

For we know who we are. 

We know what we value. 

We will not be swayed from our purpose. 

We will not participate in our own drowning. 

I’ve almost been drowned a few times already

(I bet you have too)

And each time we learned which way was high 

and which way was low. 

We found our feet 

and lifted our heads above the water line. 

They thought they could catch us 

Pull us under again. 

But they didn’t know that by almost drowning 

We became the water, 

Covering 71 percent of the Earth,

Sacred source of spirit,

Of life.

And they didn’t count on us.  

Knowing what they’re up to

Seeing through their plan

Calling them out

Calling them on the phone 


They didn’t count on us

Refusing to stay silent,

Saying no. 

They didn’t count on us,

That we remember exactly who we are. 

They didn’t suspect 

that we know exactly where our feet are planted. 

They didn’t guess 

how deep out roots reach toward each other

Toward justice

Toward love.

They didn’t know 

We are the water.

We are unwavering.