The First Book

I didn’t know it was there. 

I wasn’t expecting it at all. 

But I walked around the corner

And there it was.

Synchronicity led me to its feet. 


The very first book.  

The spark that launched a thousand 

Thousand words. 

The very beginnings of 

Our lineage as a people 

who read

who write

who discover

who wonder

who share 

with everyone. 


I owe my life to this book. 

Even though I’ve never seen it until this moment,

Even though there are only three 

in the whole wide world,

This book made me, me. 

Not the words printed on its pages–

I am not a Christian. 

These are not the words I use to worship the world. 

But rather

The paper, the ink, the binding, 

The very book itself 

Is holy. 

Because of it 

The vast knowledge of humanity became. 

And all who want it are free to partake. 


Ironic for a book   

Condemning Man

For having tasted that very fruit.