How to Start Your Creative Photography Practice ~ a very small and manageable first step



It Starts With Noticing

The way she does this. The way he says that.

Noticing when they need a hug.

Noticing when they need to tell you something.

Noticing when they need to be picked up and spun around the room in laughter.


It’s what you do when you’re at your best as a mom.


It Starts With Meaning

Why you do what you do.

Why those things matter to you.

The story you create with your family.

What you return to over and over again. Your pathway and compass.


It’s the core and heart of what matters most to you on your motherhood journey.


It Starts With Creativity

How you express yourself.

What you make in the world.

How you get messy. Paint. Picture. Stitch. Mark. Draw. Make.



It’s how you notice the world around you and make meaning out of what you see.


As a creative, thoughtful, down-to-earth mom, you want all of these things in your life.

But sometimes all the stuff of motherhood gets in the way and you lose sight of what matters.

That’s ok.

There is a way you can return to this feeling whenever you want.

A simple practice to help you return again and again to The Lovely Now.


How to Start Your Creative Photography Practice is a PDF guide and workbook that outlines the steps to consciously accessing this feeling of love, this feeling of peace, this feeling of being truly connected and alive, whenever you want. You can practice the Practice on your own or with your family. Yes, even in the midst of all the laundry.


It is possible.



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