dscf7811I don’t feel much like writing today.

The words in my head are quiet.

Nothing asking to get out.

I’ve been letting myself off the hook —

Not writing regularly so I am out of practice.

Do not mistake silence for having nothing to say.

It’s just a matter of not having asked myself in a while.

Don’t fall into that trap.


Come to the page and speak my truth every day, mundane as it may be.

I need this more than ever now.

Practice the skill —

telling the truth.

The spiritual practice —

showing up to do the work,

Letting go of the outcome.




Coming here to meet myself

Every day.

This is not nothing,

This getting to know one’s truth,

One’s words,

Over and over again.

This is not nothing.

I practice trusting my voice here

so I can say what needs to be said

when the time comes to say it out there.

I notice how the words feel when they want to come out.

The spark in my brain/heart/stomach

at the exact same time,

Word, feeling, and knowing bound together into truth.

Not to be ignored.

I practice now —

Thought, fingers, pen–

So that when I am called,

my answer is ready.

I am not afraid of the sound of my own voice.