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I love my daughter Let’s get that out on the table Right away And It is hard for me to love my daughter Not forView full post »

He Didn’t Have to Hit Me

He didn’t have to hit me to keep me in line His soft words tied me down just fineView full post »

It Comes in Waves

It comes in waves, doesn’t it? One minute you’re snuggling with your children before the day begins. TheView full post »

Do You Feel More Powerful Now

Do you feel more powerful now Having killed a young boy Shot into his car window on his way home from that party SoView full post »

Things I Know You Can Do

Why won’t you help me? She yells, tears streaming. My darling I will not help you Do the things I know You canView full post »


I’ve spent so much trying to sell shit that wasn’t for sale. Waited for ages for someone to say Yes to myView full post »

Photographs of My Father

He died in March and I didn’t want to look at his stupid face ever again. But I had to know. I had toView full post »

Needs Must

I’ve always wanted to be a pattern designer Stripes and rainbows and polkadots Turns out I became a patternView full post »


Your child’s small, warm hand resting on your cheek. What else is it time for but this?View full post »


I’ve never worn your make up Never slipped on your high heeled shoes I’ve never kept my voice down OrView full post »