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The American Future

I wonder What it is We’re making Here Together In this land Some of us call America And all of us call Home We wereView full post »

This is the year I stopped lying

This is the year I stopped lying   The truth is I found sunlight I found the blessing rain And the space betweenView full post »

Each Human Cell

When I was a photographer I chased the light Outside, Looking to make My meaning From someone else’sView full post »

Me Too

Me too I quit the waitressing job When my boss told me His wife was out of town so, You know We could… And evenView full post »


My friends were hurt And I did nothing To protect them And so I hurt myself Yelling at myself All the things I shouldView full post »

Look. This is You.

Look. This piece is you. Whispers and shouts. Ink and paper. Hard labor. This piece is you. Dark Tender yearning WildView full post »

The Hallowed Echo

Who said Profit Over Prophet Who said Faster is better Bigger is better More is better Who said I’d findView full post »


I feel The weight Of fire Of earthquake Flood and ash I feel The legacy Of whiteness Consuming Every thing In itsView full post »

We are in the times before the phoenix

We are in the times before the phoenix Our Mother pulled apart Ashes petal from the sky No water Waters reachView full post »