Meditations on Radical Ok-ness

Here’s one thing I know:

However you are right now 

is ok. 

It’s ok to feel what you’re feeling

It’s ok to grapple and be exhausted

It’s ok to stare out the window

It’s ok to swell with pride and light up with joy. 

It is ok to rage and cry and laugh and sleep and have sex (or not) and yell and whoop and holler and sigh and giggle and grumble and wail and whisper and wonder and doubt and hope. 

It’s all ok. 

What is. 

Right now. 

It is real. 

It is you. 

And it matters. 

It is not meant to be positivity-ed away,


Or ignored. 

This is your real life 

Meant to be felt

To the fullest. 

Meant to break your heart down

And break your heart wide open

And break your heart into a million pieces. 

So that you can look at each tiny piece and say

This is me. 

This is who I am. 

I am. 

The vast industry of the forces of “You need to buy this now to prove your worth”

Will say you’re worthless

That you’re not ok. 

The vast industry of patriarchy and power at the cost of another’s pain

Will say no. 

You shouldn’t. 

Stop being the way you are. 

And so

Simply being with what is

And who you are

And how you feel

And what’s going on

With you

Right now?

That is an act of resistance. 

An act of affirming your being,

Of claiming your place in our shared humanity. 

Ok-ness is not a mask or a performance. 

It’s not a stuffing away or down. 

It’s not a clamming up or holding in. 

It’s not numbing out or shutting down. 

It’s not denying or hiding. 

It simply is. 

And here,

Right here,

In the now of this moment,

Is where our creative resources are. 

Who are you?

What do you stand for?

What do you choose?

What will you do?

The answers wait in the heart of your ok-ness,

the wellspring of your inherent worth. 

You already belong. 

You are ready. 

You are.