Love More

Love more fully.
Let your love fill in all the cracks
Like Japanese gold.
Raise your heart
To your lips and drink till you are full.


Love more widely.
Let your love widen beyond all the boarders
Inflicted by man.
Raise your arms
To the sky in blessings spread wide.


Love more deeply
Let your love deepen beneath the surface
of skin and kin
and the way we each choose to worship.
Raise your eyes
To see the raw humanity standing before you,
pain and wisdom so deep.


Love more fiercely.
Let your love rage like fire
and do not be silent.
Raise your voice
To power again and again,
unflinching and fierce.


Love more wildly.
Let your love wild like flowers
blanketing a meadow in the spring.
Raise your feet
To dance among the blossoms, growing wild.


Love more warmly.
Let your love warm the icicles of contempt
that pierce your heart.
Raise your glass
To the fountain of hope
until your cup runneth over,
sweet and warm.


Love more freely.
Let your love free from the small box
you were told would keep it safe.
Raise your hands
To pick the locks and set yourself free.