I didn’t mean to become a poet


Poetry is my story 

starting right in the middle of the feeling,

Right in the middle of what matters most. 

It frees me 

from having to try to explain myself 

or collect supporting evidence 

to prove my voice has the right to speak. 

It’s just me. 

And it fits me just right. 

I can bounce around. 

Swerve and sway. 

Stick and move. 


Following the flow of the words that call to me. 

No formal logic. 

No need to convince you to believe me. 

No reams of data to gather before I begin. 

No permission to ask for, wait for, hustle for or seek. 

I can just begin.

Speak what’s true right now

Without preamble or apology. 

Tell it like it is

Like I want it to be

Like it could be. 

Let it out as it wants to come. 

Be with what is. 

Say what is. 


Poetry is how I have become myself. 

I spent so much of my life trying to build a case for myself

To justify


Validate my worth. 

I don’t have the time or energy for that anymore. 

Now I just want to jump 

right to the heart of the matter. 

Tell you what I’m thinking. 

A short piece of my living truth. 

In this one little moment. 

And let that be enough for now. 

And know that more will come tomorrow 

if I keep listening for it. 


This is how I write my own story. 

This is how I claim my freedom.