Get Bigger


My heart is collapsing

I can’t hold the weight any more

Get bigger

I feel alone 


Get bigger

I feel my work isn’t working

Get bigger

My voice won’t carry

Get bigger

I feel scared

Get bigger

I feel hopeless

What can one person do?

Get bigger

My magic is weak

Get bigger

I feel weak 

Like I’m drowning

Get bigger

Not a colonial bigness that takes 

what doesn’t belong to it, 

bulldozes and consumes and destroys. 

But an inner bigness, 

a capacity to contain multitudes. 

A bigness of spirit and will and voice and action. 

A bigness of love. 

Big like the ocean

Big like the wind

Big like the cosmos

Big like a mother’s lap

To no longer believe the lie 

that says I am too small 

and will always be too small. 

I can’t change the size of the problem 

or the weight of the load. 

I can only expand 

to carry it. 

Get bigger. 

Keep going. 

[Inspired by the writings of Julie Daley and Jena Schwartz]