Foundations of Love and Resistance

Because I have been abused
I know how to stop cycles of abuse.
Because I have been silenced
I know how to make a powerful noise.
Because we have been told over and over how unworthy they think we are
We know how to find our worth in the quiet voice of our own heart.

We’ve been here before.
But we know our way home.

Name the patterns at play.
Refuse to participate
Write about it
Voice voice voice
Say it say it say it
Shape the words with your mouth
Shape the words with your pen
It really happened.
Don’t turn away
Freedom comes from naming what is.

Claim what happened to you as a birthing ground of your power.
Heal yourself
so you know you have different choices
different ways of relating
than the ones you were taught.

See clearly the ones who walk the path with you.
Give them the space they need
to be fully who they are.
Let them love you.
Feel the love.
Let it get all the way in.
Put your energy here,
into this foundation of love.

We will make mistakes
Despite our best efforts
But this foundation of love,
Of clearly seeing each other,
This foundation of love
Is where we put all our energy,
So that when the storm comes
We are strong enough in our connection
Stable enough in our action
Deeply rooted enough in our conviction
To weather it without collapsing.

Because we have been broken
We grew back stronger.

This is what we’ve been training for
This is where we put every ounce of our attention.
This is what we build together.