Family Photojournalism Sessions


“Oh my dear Miki. You have given us something so incredibly special.

What a truly beautiful representation of our family! Sharing this is like sharing my heart.” ~ Dominik

Home is where your truth shines through.

Your love for your family is constant, enduring, unchangeable, but right now your love, your life, looks a certain, very specific way. It’s made up of routines and clothes and knickknacks and stuffed animals that may be taken for granted in the swirl of daily life but will take on deeper meaning as the years go by.

We need to capture those meaningful details before the story changes.

The posed picture in front of the waterfall is a visual cliche. Swap out the heads and that picture could be of any family, anywhere, at any time. That picture says nothing about who you really are, how you fill your days, or what really matters to you.

At home, all the details of how you live and love add up to a story that only you can tell.

There is a long-lasting value in capturing your family together in a place you normally are, wearing what you normally wear, doing what you normally do. And when you are comfortable and have the time and space to pay attention to your family, you look great. You look like your wonderful self and your wonderful love shines through.

Also, doing your session at home means no wrangling kids into clothes, into cars, into a place where they can’t touch anything, no having to pack bags of extra clothes and snacks, no stress. You get to spend your time being present with your family. I’ll take care of the rest.

All the little, behind-the-scenes clues that make you, you? These details are the heart of your story.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos you took. They are just so neat and I love how you captured those special moments that happen everyday for us. It is something I will treasure forever. You would not believe the reactions from friends and family! I keep reading and gazing at the book which is such a precious emotional and unique treasure. Thank you so much.” ~ Meguire


Family photojournalism sessions are $575 and include:

A getting to know you/planning session — What are the everyday moments of tenderness you want to capture? What to wear? What story do you want to tell? Before I come over we’ll chat about all the details to make sure that everyone is comfortable and I know what matters most to you.

An Image Gathering Session — A wild rumpus, a crazy tickle fest, a snuggly story time. Your daily routine. Natural. Organic. Giving your full attention to these special people, and having a lovely time. The simple, yet exquisite beauty that is your family. (We usually end up playing for about two hours.)

Custom Designed Hardcover Book — Your book is unique to your family. Your love made tangible. Books are 10″ x 10″, 20 pages (10 spreads), and printed on archival watercolor paper.

Fully edited digital negatives — High-resolution, fully-edited images from your collection (approximately 100) on DVD. Includes reprint release for personal use. While it is not necessary, should you want to order archival prints, I offer you preferred rates through my professional lab.

The Lovely Now Experience also supports 24 hours of care for a woman and her family at Sojourner Center woman’s shelter here in Phoenix. In this way our work together not only strengthens your individual family, but nurtures our community as a whole.

Sales tax is included. Payment plans available.

Want to go deeper?

Add a Story Gathering Session ($200) — What is it like to love and parent your family right now? There’s so much we feel but might not always have time to say. Each parent will have their own story gathering session (usually about an hour per person). The audio files and written transcripts are included as well. Giving voice to what’s in your heart connects you to that place that reminds you why this all matters.

“I was nervous about looking nice for the camera and about having pro pictures taken. That was a new experience for us. But it was surprisingly comfortable and stress free. The photojournalistic approach was so natural and helpful. And the interview process felt natural and comfortable like talking to an old friend! Overall it was a comfortable and touching experience.” ~ Jennifer C.

Add Pages ($200) — Add an additional 10 pages of images.

Additional Copies ($275/20 pages, $325/30 pages) — great for grandparents and/or families with multiple children who may want a copy of their own.


Click through the images below to peek inside a Book…

 “The Experience is powerful. Miki’s photography is personal, discrete, and heartwarming. Her books are making the world a kinder place.” ~ Carol

A Year-Long Experience

It always boggles my mind just how quickly kids grow and change. Blink and that sweet little thing you thought they’d do forever disappears into memory. With a year-long experience, we have the time to capture not only the big milestones but all those little routines and mannerisms as well.

Your year-long experience includes:

  • Four image gathering sessions at four-month intervals through out the year. Since this is your time to truly see and enjoy your family, we play for as long as we like.
  • Book that captures your Year of Love, custom made just for you. Books are 10″ x 10″ and are approximately 60 pages long.
  • Fully edited digital negatives of all of the images in your collection from each session with reprint release for personal use.


~ $2000 (a $300 savings). I am happy to create a payment plan that fits your needs.

Story gathering sessions (often one at the beginning of the project and one at the end) and additional copies are also available. Just let me know and we can work together to make a custom package.

Each year-long experience also supports 72 hours of care for a woman and her family at Sojourner Center woman’s shelter here in Phoenix.



Your story matters

It shimmers within you. Binding you together. Showing you who you are. Where you find meaning. All the million, million ways you matter to each other.  

Fundamental. Beloved. Present.


Beyond pretense. Past posing. You. Here. Now. Raw. Clear.


This is the prayer every time I pick up the camera — to show you clearly to yourself. This is the prayer every time I ask a question — to hear you speak the truth of your life.

To see in you what you need to see in yourselves. To draw out the words you most need to say to each other.

To see the art of you. Your suchness. Your realness. Your aliveness.

Your family is lovely. Just as it is. Right now. In the middle of everything hard and overwhelming and true and lovely. Your family is heart-swelling and special and precious. Tender and unique because of its realness.

You love the heck out of your family  everyday, with your whole heart. You get up every morning and do the best you can. You turn your attention, your love back to these precious people.

Your love makes you shine. Your love is a work of art worth capturing.

It would be an honor and a pleasure to help you literally show your family just how much you love them. 

Please give me a call at 623-363-4820 to schedule your session, send a message via the contact form in the menu bar, or email me at miki [at] thelovelynow [dot] com.


I’m so looking forward to helping you tell your family’s story.


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