The Lovely Now Project


“I love this project.” ~ Andrew

Real families.

Real images.

Real stories.

And the magic that happens when we come together in the in-between.


There are so many different ways we make family. So many ways we come together to care for our young. So many stories. So many moments of joy. And so many moments where we have absolutely nothing left but we keep on going anyway.


I believe that this true story truly matters.


The Lovely Now Project is a no-cost, community-based, photo essay project dedicated to building a body of work that creates an in-depth and honest narrative of what it’s really like to be a parent today. What it feels like. What it looks like.


And I would so love if you’d be willing to share your story as a part of this body of work.


“Oh my dear Miki. You have given us something so incredibly special.

What a truly beautiful representation of our family! Sharing this is like sharing my heart.” ~ Dominik



This project has three steps:


Story Gathering — What is it like to parent your real family on a day-to-day basis? Each project will begin with a recorded conversation that explores this question. We’ll talk about expectations and reality. Wishes and sorrows. Learning and growth. I want to hear it all.


Image Gathering — You living your real life at any time of day, doing whatever you would regularly be doing at that time. Your life doesn’t have to stop for me. I want to see the routine and the reality. My intention for these images is that you feel comfortable to come as you are. Please don’t match your clothes or worry about cleaning your house or try to lose ten pounds. Over and over I have found that families are joyfully surprised at how they look in images that capture moments when they’re paying attention and enjoying the company of those they love.


The Photo Essay — Text pulled from your story and images from your photo session. Shared so that in witnessing your story, other families won’t feel so alone. Getting close to a sense of a universal truth as we tell each unique story.


“OMG. OMG. OMG. Miki, what a beautiful gift you have given us. I love, love, love this.” ~ Karen A.

A few things to know about the project:

  • There is absolutely no cost at all to be involved and you won’t be asked to buy anything ever.
  • Story Gathering Sessions will last approximately 30 minutes and Image Gathering Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.
  • When we finish our time together I’ll send you the recording of our interview and a few of the images from our session with my very deep gratitude.
  • Because part of the power of the story is in its telling, I do plan to share this work on social media. And my tender hope is to create a body of work worthy of a published book.  
  • I don’t plan on using any names in the project and before publishing your story I will review it with you so that you feel comfortable.


Click here to see stories created as a part of The Lovely Now Project

“Miki, your work is so beautiful and important.

I love what you do and I love how you share.

Never, ever stop. You were made to tell these stories” ~ Laura

If you’re local to the Phoenix/greater Valley area I would love to tell your story. If you are interested taking part in this project, please get in touch. 


Email: miki [at] thelovelynow [dot] com

Phone: 623-242-2203

Or click on the contact link in the menu bar.


Your family is beautiful. Just as it is. Right now. In the middle of everything hard and overwhelming and true and lovely. Your family is heart-swelling and special and precious. Tender and unique because of its realness. I’d love to help you tell this story.

“I love it!” ~ John A.